Service Point Marcolin

As a Marcolin Service Point we provide the complete range of original spare parts for the maintenance of your vehicle covering systems.

 Electrical Accessories

Accessories and spare parts for the electrical part of Marcolin roofing systems

 Bows and Tarp accessories

Accessories and spare parts for the arches and canvas structure of Marcolin roofing systems

 Rear Tensioning Plates

Tensioning plates and pulleys for Marcolin roofing systems

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 MCA System

The functional and robust MCA (mechanical with shaft) tipper cover is the most traditional of the movement systems for quarry-site covers and finds its natural place where the cab guards have particular shapes.
MCA is available with manual or electric movement

 ELETTA System

Covering system with fixing of the movement group above the cab guard, thus eliminating any front encumbrance (between the cab and the body).
In the electric version, the two fixed front arches house the engine underneath them, which is thus well integrated and protected.


Very sturdy cover for tippers, mounted on the front of the tank with minimal space taken up towards the driver's cab (8 cm).
“Double crossed rope” system to reduce friction on the side pulleys which guarantees practical and rapid maneuverability.
Sigillo is available in the manual or electric version

 ECOTYPE system

Economical covering system composed of front corner drives in galvanized sheet metal complete with tensioners.
Ecotype is available in manual or electric version

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